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Good Riddance to 2010

by Will Wlizlo

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With the near-biblical floods in Pakistan, a public health-care debacle that gridlocked Congress and the news media, Deepwater Horizon’s untimely tantrum, and the Bieber-Kanye-Gaga Trifecta of Pop Culture Doom, it’s a wonder humanity survived 2010. Admittedly, we’ve all had bad years. But—to say the least—the final 365 days of the past decade were not especially fortunate for the people of Earth.

Or, in the satiric words of The Miami Herald’s Dave Barry:

Barry’s hilarious, apocalyptic, month-by-month excoriation of the year that was 2010 will leave you breathless (from uncontrollable laughter) and dejected (from a freshly rekindled universal cynicism). Here are a few of Barry’s choicest dispatches-from-the-recent-past.

From July, on the once-trapped Chilean miners:

From October, on the state of the Democratic Party:

I could keep cherry-picking quotes from Barry’s essay, but I’d soon find the entire article copy-pasted into this post.

Good Riddance, 2010! Let 2011 be at least little more heartening!

Source: The Miami Herald 

Image by jeff_golden, licensed under Creative Commons.