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Table of Contents: Fall 2016

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Faces of Our Discontent


Surviving the Silly Season
A daily diary of the circuses that were the Republican and Democratic national conventions
by Kevin Powell, special to Utne Reader

Passing Thoughts

Passing Thoughts

A Veteran’s Dual with the Death Impulse
by Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

Back-to-the-Land, Six Feet Under
A home burial in the Peach Orchard Hill Cemetery
Verandah Porche, from Northern Woodlands

Goodbye and Good Luck!
An 84-year-old grandmother in the early stages of dementia dragged a foam mattress to one of her favorite spots on Bowen Island, British Columbia, so that she could die the death of her choosing
Gillian Bennett, from Humanist Perspectives

Emerging Ideas

Permaculture or Spermaculture?
Confronting patriarchy in Western permaculture and alternative food movements
by Trina Moyles, from Briarpatch

The Simplest Way to Tackle Poverty
Proposals for a guaranteed minimum income have been gaining momentum over the past few years. What’s all the fuss about?
by Jeremy Runnals, from Corporate Knights

Angels, Protestors, and Patriots
What a long-ago skirmish says about love of country
by Chris A. Smith, from California



Horns in the Hollows
Assessing the collateral damage when people and places are attached to ghostly legends
by Paul Hertneky, from Rust Belt Boy

The Haunting of Loon Lake Cemetery
Inside the underground tombs that have become shelter for war-ravaged Syrian civilians
by Dennis Waskul and Michele Waskul, from Ghostly Encounters

Learning to Walk
Working with horses and residents at a prison-alternative ranch
by Ginger Gaffney, from Witness

Listening Unfolding
A poet/pastor discovers the remarkable similarities between his two vocations
by Nate Klug, from Image

Mindful Living

To and from the Soul’s Hall
Grief both acknowledges what has been lost and ensures that we don’t forget what we must remember
by Francis Weller, from The Wild Edge of Sorrow

Helping Us Learn How to Listen
A conversation with author and Peabody-award winning radio host
by Abby Olcese, special to Utne Reader

Finding Time for Our Parks
Americans are visiting more parks but spending less time in them. What does this mean for the future of our wild spaces?
by John de Graaf, from Earth Island Journal

Mixed Media

Black Culture and History Matter
It took 150 years after America officially abolished slavery to get a national museum on the black experience
by Kirsten Mullen, from The American Prospect

A Big Celebration for Little Free Libraries
Thousands gather in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the first-ever Little Free Library Festival
by Margret Aldrich, special to Utne Reader

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams 

by Eric Utne

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