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July-August 2007




FEATURE: The Ugly Americans 

Redeeming AmericaWhat it will take to win back the world
by Hannah Lobel


The Art of PeaceVeteran negotiator Dennis Ross charts the rocky road to America's redemption
interview by Hannah Lobel




FEATURE: Rock Paper Scissors 

The Big ThrowdownIs rock paper scissors the next poker? A writer seeks the truth, and a league championship, in Sin City
by Rod O'Connor, from the Believer 



FEATURE: The Commissioners 

Big Media Meets Its MatchFCC commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps, two Washington power players you’ve never heard of
by Keith Goetzman


Soy's Secrets 

The Dark Side of Soy
Is America’s favorite health food making us sick?
by Mary Vance, from Terrain 

How Much Is Too Much?Clinical nutritionist Kaayla Daniel on the Dos and Don’ts of soy consumption
interview by Mary Vance, from Terrain 

Whole New DietA health-savvy cookbook shows how to get away from processed foods
by Julie Hanus

Biofuel’s Big BeanHow large-scale soy is threatening the environment and a South American way of life
by April Howard and Benjamin Dangl, from In These Times 


Emerging Ideas 


Geek Squads
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a superhero—in your neighborhood!
by Kristen Mueller


A Patently Simple IdeaTweaking U.S. law could improve access to medicines in poor countries
by Sebastian Mallaby, from Foreign Policy 


Talking HeadsPeople with auditory hallucinations make friends with their inner voices
by William Lee Adams, from Psychology Today 


Molecular Miracle Workers
Green chemist Paul Anastas on making the world less toxic and more convenient
interview by Kevin Krajick, from OnEarth 




Mixed Media 


The Patient ArtistThe natural and spiritual worlds intersect in Wolfgang Laib’s meticulous, contemplative art
by Brenton Good, from Image 


Vikings with AmpsNorse mythology meets power chords in Týr’s mighty music
by Amy Reiswig, from the Walrus 


Dissent 101Unsanctioned student guides offer advice on the real college experience
by Anna Clark, from Bitch 


Mindful Living 

When Nature CallsCamping with kids takes extra effort—but it’s worth it
by Florence Williams, from Backpacker 


Please Mr. Postman
Reclaiming the lost art of letter writing
by Elizabeth Ryan


Frozen FreshWhen the freezer is healthier than the shelf
by David Coop, from POZ 


Cool, Clean AirHow to beat the heat without plugging in
by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, from the book True Green 


The Unknown SoldierBrain injuries and unresolved grief
by Joseph Hart


Beans Come Home to RoastIn search of fresh, gourmet brews, coffee connoisseurs do it themselves
by Joseph Hart




Some Kinda MormonOne woman’s obsession with the Church of Latter-day Saints
by Jennifer Pemberton, from Maisonneuve 


Tripping Through Thailand
A traveler’s diary chronicles the rhythms of daily discovery
by Sarah Turner, from Event 


A Monster ExitsAfter Augusto Pinochet’s death, a Chilean unleashes euphoria, rage, and discontent
by Pedro Lemebel, from NACLA Report on the Americas 


Editor's Note
by David Schimke
Shelf Life
by Danielle Maestretti
Heartlandby Nina Utne



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