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July-August 2008





FEATURE:  Creativity 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/creativity1.jpgThe Future of CreativityIn our schools, our businesses, and our homes
by Jeannine Ouellette, from the Rake 

Why Essays Are So Damned BoringAn impassioned plea for writers to stop navel gazing and start taking chances
by Cristina Nehring, from Truthdig 

Bright Ideas from Baltimore’s Citizensby Danielle Maestretti

The Creativity ConceitAmerica will always be number one, won’t it?
by Eamonn Fingleton, from the American Conservative 

Art + Science = Inspirationby Danielle Maestretti

Putting the Arts Back into the Arts
Author Bill Ivey celebrates creativity, culture, and the “amateur”
interview by Danielle Maestretti


FEATURE: Family Values 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/marriage1.jpgIt’s Not a Gay Thing . . .Why the debate over same-sex marriage misses the point
by Nancy D. Polikoff, from the book Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage 

. . . or Is It?Same-sex couples on grabbing the ring
by Will Fellows, from the exhibit Shall Not Be Recognized 



FEATURE: World in Chains 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/slavery1.jpgPeople for SaleWhy there are more slaves than at any time in history and what can be done about it
by E. Benjamin Skinner, from Foreign Policy 

I Was a SlaveModern slave narratives
by Kevin Bales and Zoe Trodd, from the book To Plead Our Own Cause 



FEATURE: Blooming Business

To Ecuador, with Love
Fair trade grows in the flower industry
by Jon Tevlin





/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/whales.jpgDeep Blue DissonanceThe world’s waters are humming with dangerous, unnatural noise
by Judith Lewis

The Nature of NurtureNew science reveals that your DNA isn’t your destiny
by Sally Lehrman, from California 

Is It Time to Mess with Mother Nature?
Global warming could force preservationists to become zookeepers and gardeners
by M. Martin Smith and Fiona Gow, from High Country News 

Plus: Good Muslims Go to Starbucks, The Almighty Rich, Word Watch: Waste Miles, Pretty Green Power, All the President's Senators, Erin Brockovich R.I.P.




Slasher Girls
Women create an online world of horny, homosexual rock stars
by David Haldeman, from Seattle Sound 

Cinema Under the StarsFor the drive-in theaters left standing, projections are good
by David Raskin, from the Next American City 

Post-Apartheid PopSweating an old, new sound on the streets of Soweto
by Edwin “Stats” Houghton, from the Fader 

Plus: Film Reviews, Book Reviews, Music Reviews 



/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/habitat.jpgGet Wild in Your GardenHow to turn your backyard into certified wildlife habitat
by Amy Stewart, from OnEarth 

Digital DebacleWhat you should know, and haven’t heard, about the transition to digital TV
by Leyla Kokmen

Pills Worth Popping
Vitamins: Behind the label
by Julie Hanus

On the Receiving EndHow we think about help isn’t helping
by Michael Rowe

Acupuncture for AllAffordable treatment in group settings is catching on
by Pamela O’Malley Chang, from Yes! 



/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-07-01/blues.jpgMoan That Particular BluesA music born of loss resonates with Native people
by Richard Wagamese, from Canadian Dimension 

Thicker than BloodOrphans of Cambodia’s AIDS epidemic form their own loving family
by Gail Gutradt, from Kyoto Journal 

The Bush Family FantasyFor this West Texan, Rockwell renderings of a presidential childhood are all bull
by Ruth Pennebaker, from the Texas Observer 

I Just Started Smoking. Again.News of a lump reignites a long-extinguished craving
by Terri Solomon, from Urbanite 



Editor’s Note: Tortured Coverage
LettersShelf Life: Bush, the AIDS President?
Heartland: Turning Pain into Power 

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