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November-December 2008


FEATURE: Visionaries 


50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World
by Keith Goetzman, Julie Hanus, Judith Lewis, Hannah Lobel, Danielle Maestretti, and Elizabeth Ryan

Online Exclusive: Interview with Dave Eggers
Online Exclusive: Interview with Lawrence Lessig
Online Exclusive: Podcast interview with Saul Griffith 




FEATURE: Your Brain on Music 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-11-01/science-of-music.jpgBlue NotesUnderstanding the life-giving link between mood and musical expression
by Moira Farr, from the Walrus 

Literary InterludesGreat readings on why music moves us




FEATURE: Detroit Blog City 


Bloggers vs. BlightAn online community beats back urban decay in Detroit
by Megan Garber, from Columbia Journalism Review 






FEATURE: Giving Till it Hurts 


The New ColonialistsHumanitarian groups and well-meaning charities keep failing countries afloat. They also create a crippling cycle of dependence.
by Michael A. Cohen, Maria Figueroa Küpçü, and Parag Khanna, from Foreign Policy 







/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-11-01/ecoarmy(1).jpgMeet the “Green” BeretsArmed eco-troops might be Mother Nature’s last defense
by Andrew Wasley, from the Ecologist 

The Power of ONEsiesMomsRising.org marshals maternal forces for political battle
by Nanette Fondas, from Tikkun 

English Die SoonGlobal web geeks are killing the Queen’s English. Good riddance.
by Annalee Newitz, from San Francisco Bay Guardian 

Plus: Children of the Night, Doctors Without Managers, Petroleum = Patriarchy, Mega-Mosques Rising, Womens Primary Problem, Four Wheelin', Don't Take the Escalator, Indentured Students




Baghdad’s Roaring TwentiesA new CD takes listeners back to the streets of a forever lost, fabulous-sounding Iraq
by Rachel Aspden, from New Statesman 

As the World Turns on Its TVEver caught that cheesy Mexican soap down the dial? Chances are it’s an international hit.
by Pablo Helguera, from Vice 

Lights, Camera, SandstormsA Saharan refugee camp hosts the world’s most remote film festival
by Beatrice Newbery, from Developments 

Plus: Film Reviews, Book Reviews, Music Reviews 


/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-11-01/save-energy.jpgSave Energy, Skip the Insanity
Don’t have time to render earwax for cooking fuel? Neither do we.
by Kari Volkmann-Carlsen

Greener Than ThouBoston’s eco-zealots pick up where the Puritans left off
by Joe Keohane, from Boston magazine

An Addict’s Last RefugePrescribing an illegal drug that quells deadly cravings
by Peter Tupper, from This Magazine 

Blood and GutsAn urban farmer talks about butchering the turkey she raised
interview by Amy Standen, from Meatpaper 



/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2008-11-01/grizzind.jpgThe Grizz-indGiving props to young rappers and their homemade CDs
by Davy Rothbart, from the Believer 

Turkey Day in the ClinkAn insider’s guide to jailhouse cuisine
by Sean Rowe, from Oxford American 

I Believe in Deviled EggsSermons be damned. It’s the little rituals that stir the spirit.
by Angela Long, from Geez 

Trains, Planes, and Bar CarsRiding the rails is easier on the earth than flying, and could be way more fun
by J.B. MacKinnon, from Explore 



Editor’s Note: That Vision Thing
Shelf Life: A Criminally Insane System 
Forward: Older, Wiser, Back for More  

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