November-December 2009






50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World 







Doctors Without Ethics
Why hasn’t the medical profession taken a stand on torture?by Justine Sharrock, from Mother Jones 





/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2009-11-01/as-the-crows-fly.jpgAs the Crows FlyThe urban wild’s most resilient creature shows us what’s beautiful, what’s ugly, and what’s missingby Lyanda Lynn Haupt, from the book Crow Planet 

The Fight for Urban Forestsby Linda Underhill, from the book The Way of the Woods 



Blue-Collar Brilliance
An educator challenges society’s assumptions about intelligence, work, and classby Mike Rose, from The American Scholar 




Death Watch in the Desert
Humanitarian activists and federal agents do battle on the Mexican borderby Tim Vanderpool, from Tucson Weekly 




Emerging Ideas 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2009-11-01/baghdad_underground.jpgBaghdad ’s Underground RailroadCovert shelters help Iraqi women escape violence and abuse 
by Anna Badkhen, from Ms. 

LocalwashingHow corporate America is co-opting “local” 
by Stacy Mitchell, from Gambit Weekly 

Uncle Sam’s True ColorsActivists thwart recruiters 
by Anisha Desai and Maryam Roberts, from Dollars & Sense 

Keep on Bikin’Bike manufacturing comes back to America 
by Libby Tucker, from New Internationalist 



/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2009-11-01/reggaes-rude-boys.jpgReggae’s Rude Boys Go to WarThe line between reality and performance blurs 
by Ross Simonini, from The Believer 

Border Crossing for a Root CanalMexico’s dental paradise for the underinsured 
by Bobby Neel Adams, from Diner Journal 

When the Killers Come CallingThugs terrorize a Guatemalan journalist’s family 
by José Rubén Zamora, from Pen America 

Seismic SymphonyThe Alaskan landscape as orchestra 
by Alex Ross, from The Place Where You Go to Listen 


Mindful Living  

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2009-11-01/poolside-in-hell.jpgPoolside in HellIs voluntourism doing anyone any good? 
by J.B. MacKinnon, from Explore 

Growing Old, Moving on UpAging women dream of a radical retirement community 
by Beverly Suek, from Herizons 

Shopping at the Spiritual SupermarketThis museum has a religion for everyone 
by Judith Fein, from Spirituality & Health 

Eating Meat for the EnvironmentOn many sustainable farms, animals are essential 
by Lisa M. Hamilton, from Audubon 


Mixed Media 

/uploadedImages/utne/articles/issues/2009-11-01/dj-in-the-concert-hall.jpgThere’s a DJ in the Concert HallMason Bates’ “symphonic electronica” is not for the easy listener 
by Thomas May, from Listen 

Big Screen, Little RiskMicrocinemas bring classics and cult films to a passionate audience 
by Rob Nelson

Plus: Music, film, and book reviews 


Shelf LifeThe Art of Digital Storytelling 
by Danielle Maestretti

ForwardMen’s Night 
by Eric Utne

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