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Awesome: The Paris Review Launches a Daily Blog

 by Michael Rowe

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Well, yee-haw, some people who use purdy words real good has up and started one of them dial-up internet word-parties! Or something like that. Just today, The Paris Review has launched The Paris Review Daily, a new blog that will serve, in the words of editor Lorin Stein, as a “cultural gazette” for the book-crazed internet denizens among us. I looked up the word gazette to make sure I was catching all the subtext, but don’t worry—it still just basically means newspaper! Whatever, dictionary.

Personally, I’m excited for a Paris Review blog. Plus, the first non-inaugural post is all about Terry Southern, underappreciated satirical novelist and weirdo (also co-screenwriter of Dr. Strangelove). In fact, The Paris Review Daily has declared June Terry Southern Month. Bold move, new literary blog, re-naming a month on your very first day. If Utne Reader picks a month to rename, I vote for Utvember.

Anyway, why a new blog? Stein sums it up nicely:

(Thanks, Galleycat.)

Source: The Paris Review Daily

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