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Checking Out Books at The Hypothetical Library

 by Julie Hanus

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This is just too amazing not to share: Pay a visit to The Hypothetical Library, where Charlie Orr curates (and designs the covers of) a fantastic collection of hypothetical books by real authors. From his inaugural post, back in February:

The idea for this blog is to create an opportunity for a part-time book cover designer (me) to collaborate, with a wide range of amazing, contemporary writers on a project outside of their normal body of work. 

The catch is that these books will never really exist. 

I ask each writer to provide flap copy for a book that they haven’t, won’t, but in theory could, write, and then I design a cover for it.

. . . One of the frustrations of [non-hypothetical] book cover design is that you are usually assigned projects and authors by a publisher. The competition is fierce, and assignments are not always exciting or ideal. Work is offered and you take it. The Hypothetical Library is my workaround. With this project I hope to collaborate with as many wonderful writers as I can get—freed from the constraints of various publishing houses, editors, and budgets.

Source: The Hypothetical Library

Image by Dawn Endico, licensed under Creative Commons.