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Fourth of July Weekend Reading

Sony Walkman

Fourth of July reading:

Oooh, Ahhh, Argghh: Hatin’ on Fireworks

Unsupervised Children Twirl Firecrackers on a String!

Other good stuff:

Unearthed: Spalding Gray Interviews the Dalai Lama This 1991 conversation is colored by the kind of blunt truths Gray was famous for. It's a great exploration of the fundamental tenets of Tibeten Buddhism, and it's also hilarious.

Digging the Continuous Light Christian Hits: Christian radio is becoming less, well, Christian.

Google What Do the Modern Corporation and the Christian Megachurch Have in Common?: Lots, it turns out.

Exhuming Ayn Rand: What’s up with all the Ayn Rand love we’re seeing lately?

Strange Rugs Depict Decades of War in Afghanistan: Afghanistan's epic battle against Soviet occupation spawned an unusual genre of war story

Live, Nude Farming: Gross.

The Illuminati of the Film Downloading World: Invite-only film downloading clubs hide in the darkest, most exclusive corners of the internet.

Thirteen-Year-Old Brings Back the Walkman: Thirteen-year-old Scott Campbell recently gave up his iPod for a week, opting instead to use his dad’s clunky old Sony Walkman.

Young People Write About Mental Illness: These young writers are incredibly straightforward and honest about their experiences with childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociative identity disorder, and schizophrenia.

Image by nextartist, licensed under Creative Commons.

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