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Illuminating New York’s Unique Inhabitants

 by Stephanie Glaros

Tags: Arts, Visual Art, Zina Saunders, illustration, New York, Stephanie Glaros,

Saunders Muscians

 I first fell in love with Zina Saunders’ work when I received a promotional postcard featuring an incredible portrait of President Obama. I’d never seen anyone use color the ways she does, particularly for skin tones. Then I discovered her Saunders SwimmerOverlooked New York project, a collection of “portraits of impassioned New Yorkers doing what they love to do.” Saunders interviewed and painted a diverse cast of zany characters, from river swimmers to subway musicians, park artists to rooftop pigeon coop guys. This (until now) online project is now available in print. While you’re at it, you’ve gotta check out her political illustrations, featuring some of the funniest Sarah Palin caricatures out there. Brilliant.

 Images courtesy of Zina Saunders