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JumboTrons for Concert Halls

by Will Wlizlo

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 Symphony Players 

Whether it’s an effluvient violin or a somber cello, a bombastic crescendo or pianissimo sonata—there’s a little something for everyone in classical music. Despite its near universal appeal, casual listeners don’t often have the technical knowledge or avid curiosity to keep the movements, Mozarts, motions, and mezzo fortes straight. Michael Oneil Lam, whose wife is a bass player in the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, often finds himself in classical concert halls but gets just as lost as the rest of us. On his blog, The Free Arrow, he expresses his frustration.

Lam proposes an addition to music halls that might make concerts more enjoyable (or at least more intelligible) for new listeners, pedestrian classical fans, and everyday schmoes: a music scoreboard. The board would display the current orchestral movement, the conductor’s name, and time remaining for the piece of music, among other bits of relevant data.

Although such an investment would further strain the budgets of cash-strapped arts organizations, Lam believes the outcome would be mutually beneficial. “With increased engagement comes increased memorability;” he writes,

(Thanks, ArtsJournal.)

Source: The Free Arrow 

Image by alexdecarvalho, licensed under Creative Commons.