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Ode to the Funniest, Happiest Cow that Ever Lived

 by Danielle Maestretti

Tags: Great Writing, animals, cows, friendship, farming, Small Farmer’s Journal, Danielle Maestretti,

Tucked away in an issue of Small Farmer’s Journal, among discussions of sprouted horse feed and asparagus beetles, is Vermont farmer Suzanne Lupien’s lovely remembrance of Nell, “the funniest, happiest cow that ever lived.”Small Farmer's Journal cover

Nell was something of a rescue animal, as Lupien explains—injured, emaciated, a “little waif of a cow” when she joined Lupien’s small farm—but she flourished, calved, produced wheel upon wheel of top-of-the-line camembert, and lived to be 19. All with a great deal of personality, too: 

Lupien’s appreciation of her funny, spunky cow is quite beautiful, the sort of lively gem I love finding in Small Farmer’s Journal, an oversized quarterly in which practical advice shares space with personal experiences like Lupien’s.

Source: Small Farmer’s Journal (article not available online)