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Patterson Clark Sees Art Where You See Weeds

by David Doody

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Three Weed Note 

The October/November issue of American Craft has a nice profile of Patterson Clark, an artist for the Washington Post by day and…a totally different kind of artist by night.  

Check out the American Craft profile for more on Clark’s process and check out the beautiful images below of the art he creates from the stuff many people would just kill off with a little bit of Roundup.

11 Weed Blend 

 11-Weed Blend 

One Weed Note 

One-Weed Note 

 Patterson Clark 14 Stalks (2) 

14-Stalk Note 

Patterson Clark Flaming Ivy 

Flaming Ivy Vine Soot Ink 

Patterson Clark Pen Making 

“Bamboo culms are a reliable source for drawing pens.” 

Source: American Craft 

All images courtesy of Patterson Clark and American Craft. 

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