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Rewriting History With a Wink

 by Keith Goetzman

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I-75 Project by Norm Magnusson 

The typical U.S. historical marker, cast iron with raised lettering, usually raises more questions than it answers, and many of these signs are rife with errors and bias. Artist Norm Magnusson’s I-75 Project uses the form for a different sort of provocation.

Magnusson hopes to install these signs at rest stops along the 1,775-mile Insterstate 75, which stretches from Michigan to Florida. He has already shown them in several states and is seeking funding for the proposed installation. Thick Culture  quotes him on their sly, Zinn-meets-Banksy appeal: 

I-75 Project 3 I-75 Project 2 

I-75 Project 4 

I-75 Project 5 

Source: Thick Culture 

Images courtesy of Norm Magnusson.