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The Invisible Crowd of Caregivers

by Ben Lurie 

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We live in a tell-all society, where people post their deepest thoughts online and political gossip is raised to an art form, while he-said, she-said scandals fill the evening news. Yet there are still some things that we simply do not talk about, burdens that we are expected to bear in solitary, stoic silence. Caregiving is one of those things.

In a quietly beautiful personal reminiscence, Jonathan Rauch of The Atlantic describes caring for his aging father, who had a neurological disorder and required more and more attention from his son. Rauch didn’t want to commit his father to a nursing home against his wishes, but he struggled to deal with the demands of his new full-time role without a support network.  When he finally begins to simply talk about his worries with people he meets, he is blown away—as was I—by the stories of love, anxiety, and loneliness that he gets back:

Source: The Atlantic

Image by DeaPeaJay, licensed under Creative Commons.