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Mapping a Word

 by Danielle Maestretti

Tags: Great Writing, words, dictionary, thesaurus, word maps, Visuwords, Magers and Quinn, Danielle Maestretti,

Visuwords mapWord-nerds should spend some time playing around at Visuwords, a website that beautifully displays not only a word’s definition and immediate relatives (synonyms and antonyms), but the whole extended family, including other parts of speech and broader associations broken down specifically: “pertains to,” “is a part of,” “is an instance of,” and so on. (You’ll see a very tiny version of the Visuwords map for “fresh” above.) It’s a really interesting way to convey information, and though it’s certainly no substitute for a dictionary or thesaurus, it is a very cool tool for thinking a bit radically about a word’s meaning(s) and possibilities.

(Thanks, Magers & Quinn.)

Source: Visuwords