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Walden Pond, Graphic-Novel-Style

 by Julie Hanus

Tags: books and publishers, graphic novels, Thoreau at Walden, John Porcellino, Henry David Thoreau, Center for Cartoon Studies, Hyperion, transcendentalism,

Thoreau at WaldenJohn Porcellino, the quirky cartoonist-writer-illustrator behind King Cat Comics, has gone and compacted Walden, Thoreau’s magnum opus, into a tidy graphic novel. Presented by the Center for Cartoon Studies and published through Hyperion, Thoreau at Walden is, well, damn cool: Porcellino’s simple, straightforward style uncannily complements pared-down text from the transcendental philosopher himself. It’s a distillation, yes, but a refreshing, artistic, insightful one—and (in the most pedestrian of reactions) reading it made me want to instantly recommend it to any student ever tempted to grab for those proverbial CliffsNotes, in addition to fans, obviously, of graphic novels, Thoreau, or Porcellino.