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Which Metal Singers Have the Best Vocal Technique?

by Will Wlizlo

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Heavy metal is the bastard son of the music industry. Let’s be serious. Metal is obnoxiously theatrical, self-indulgent, aggressively provocative, overtly masculine, and doesn’t age well. Or, to put that same sentiment politely, metal is a slowly acquired taste. But that doesn’t mean the infamous genre is without merit.

Despite its crusty appearance, heavy metal’s musicianship can only be described as athletic. From blast-beats to poly-rhythms, the instrumentation is objectively impressive. And according to New York-based voice instructor Claudia Friedlander, the same is true for metal vocals. On her blog The Liberated Voice—on which she explores new ideas about vocal technique—Friedlander candidly critiques metal vocalists with occupational precision and enthusiasm. For example, she holds Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in high-esteem:

Compare that to Friedlander’s take on Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne:

(Note: the author of this post is a metal aficionado.)

Source: The Liberated Voice

Image by notsogoodphotography, licensed under Creative Commons.