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Your World, Sketched

 by Bennett Gordon

Tags: Arts, sketches, drawings, Urban Sketchers,

Some people can’t see a place without wanting to sketch it out on paper. The Urban Sketchers, a group of artists founded by Gabriel Campanario, share their visions of the world on their Flickr group and on the blog. The loose affiliations of the artists create a site where pen-and-ink drawings of Madrid will sit comfortably next to watercolor drawings of rural America. Their manifesto states that all of the drawings are made on-site as a truthful representation of what they see. The group recently released a magazine on the self-publishing site Issuu.com, and the first issue is all about cars in cities around the world.  The idiosyncrasies of the artists, with their various styles, media, and subjects, make the issue a beautiful and compelling read.

Source: The Urban Sketchers