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Artivism: Teach Kids to Code

by Utne Reader Staff

Tags: artivism, teaching, race, class, activism,

illustration by Robert Trujillo

I work as an activist, artist, and teacher in Minneapolis. Right now I am teaching children, many of whom are 1st and 2nd generation West African immigrants, to code and program their own video games using Scratch from MIT Media Lab. In this city the race and class divides are (like everywhere else) growing all the time, and this is my attempt at helping to bring more people up to speed with technology and take a stand against marginalization. — bseverns


Mentoring an 8 year old boy with cancer through Pablove Foundation’s Shutterbugs Program. — jeffbender

I continue a 40 year practice of non-violence by not eating animals. I support peace. I garden for food and pleasure, and as a master gardener share garden wisdom. I write about gardening and I write poetry that often reflects a positive sense of the benefits of the natural world. I do my best to get along with people in a paradoxical culture. I work at becoming more mindful, even now. — Will Conway

Living a life based in compassion and multiplying the good vibration! — JudithAnn


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