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The Guardian will soon be publishing an American weekly version, reports media critic Michael Wolff in New York Magazine. The liberal British paper, writes Wolff, ?currently occupies for well-bred left-wing Brits something like the position that the New York Times once held for Upper West Side liberals (or that Fox now holds for red-state anti-liberals): You cannot be who you are without it.? After Guardian editor Alan Rushbridger showed him a prototype of the new edition, Wolff sounds practically giddy, ?Its tentative American form is quite unlike any other weekly magazine that has been started in the U.S. in the past generation. Not only is it about politics (the anticipated launch is expected for winter to cover the presidential-primary season), but the magazine has a great deal of text unbroken by design elements? Quite the antithesis of what virtually every publishing professional would tell you is the key to popular and profitable publishing?having less to read, not more.? Judging by the tremendous success of another text-heavy British publishing phenomenon, The Economist, which has seen its U.S. circulation skyrocket since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Guardian may just have a fighting chance. Wolff certainly seems to think so: ?It might define a turnaround in American publishing.?
?Kate Zurlo-Cuva

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