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Happy Valentine’s Day from the GOP

by Will Wlizlo

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Don’t know how to break the ice with the handsome deficit hawk you met at the country club last week? Or maybe you want to express your true, pent-up feelings for that witty co-worker with a copy of The Wealth of Nations in her cubicle? Fear not, you shy romantic! The Grand Old Party of Unrequited Love wants to make your Valentine’s Day fantasies come true. Even if you’re a strict constitutionalist, there’s nothing illegal about opening up your heart and soul to another conservative. Maybe your love life isn’t exactly Clintonesque, but with the help of the GOP’s 2011 Valentine’s Day e-cards, you’ll soon be whispering sweet nothings to your beloved over red wine and passionately debating the preposterousness of climate change. Go get ‘em, Tiger!





(Thanks, The Atlantic.)

Images from www.gop.com.