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Huxley and Orwell Were Both Right

 by Keith Goetzman

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1984, first edition 

Irascible, hard-digging journalist Chris Hedges tells The Progressive in an interview that both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were on to something, and their dystopic visions are neither far fetched nor incompatible:

Whew. Hedges also critiques President Barack Obama as “seduced by power and prestige,” describes being booed off the stage at a college commencement for speaking out against the Iraq War, and explains that Americans have some growing up to do. It’s hard stuff, but in the end he tips his hand—he’s doing it all for his new baby girl:

Source: The Progressive (full article available to subscribers only) 

Image by markhillary, licensed under Creative Commons. Panel image by Shepard Fairey.