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Video: The Story of Citizens United

by Will Wlizlo

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storyofstuffInfuriated, disenfranchised people have been lambasting the divisive Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court case, which politically granted corporations the same rights as individual citizens, since it was written into law in 2010. A swelling, bipartisan mob is flexing political and activist muscle—sometimes in a darkly funny manner—in order to repeal the law.

Recently, the court decision has become the target of Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff animation-cum-activism project. In “The Story of Citizens United v. FEC,” Leonard portrays corporations as soulless, hulking automatons that plant darling politicians into elected office by fiat. One of the short’s more interesting (read: sickening) segments is Leonard’s lesson on the 400-year history of corporations, and how they’ve incrementally gained a stranglehold on the American political process.

If you haven’t yet been outraged by the malicious judicial decision, familiarize yourself by watching “The Story of Citizens United v. FEC” below.


Image by net_efekt, licensed under Creative Commons.