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Embarrassment of the Wealthy

by Staff

Tags: capitalism, Hervé Kempf, environment, wealth, consumerism, How the Rich Destroy the Planet,

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The claim that mass consumerism is killing the planet isn’t new, but perhaps it’s best made by French author Hervé Kempf. In an article from the French-Canadian newspaper Le Devoir translated on the website Truthout, Louis-Gilles Francoeur highlights the relationship between economics and the environment explored in Kempf’s new book, Comment les riches détruisent la planète (How the Rich Destroy the Planet). Kempf sees economic disparity and ecological destruction as symptoms of a single disease: capitalism. The system’s rigidity makes it incapable of supporting the changes needed to remedy our present environmental crisis, Kempf believes, and the only solution is to “bring down the rich.”

(Thanks, Adbusters.)

Morgan Winters

Correction: Due to an editing error, the newspaper Le Devoir was originally identified as French. It is French Canadian.