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Five Ways to Divest From Monsanto


This article originally appeared at Urban Times.  

Monsanto, the mistress of the GMO initiative, needs a wake up call. While campaigns to label genetically modified organisms increase and state governments work to bring the legislature into action, many Americans are not aware of just how entrenched Monsanto is within national and global food production. Whether it is due to the call of convenience or general ignorance of the millions of genetically engineered ingredients masquerading as food, the biggest blow we can deliver to the GMO giant is to convince the general public to divest from Monsanto (and the rest of the biotech food industry) completely.

What does it mean to divest? Let’s take a page from the current college playbook and replicate what activist Bill McKibben has done for fossil fuels and climate change – and apply it to our food. Colleges across the country are stepping up and divesting from the companies that support fossil fuels in a nationwide campaign to illustrate how wrong it is to profit from climate damage. The entire premise behind this movement is to see if the divestment campaign can push fossil fuel companies towards an environmental ecobalance that no longer hinders the planet, but, rather, supports a sustainable future. Campuses nationwide are divesting – and the corporations are listening. Why can’t we do the same thing when it comes to genetically modified food and the companies that create it?

Five Ways to Divest from Monsanto Now:

Creating a calculated, organized, and supported divestment from Monsanto and other Big Food companies stocking the shelves with GMOs is a powerful message that will not be ignored. Let’s start investing in our health and the future health of our food. If everyone starts today, our message will gain support and create the ripple effect needed to regain control of our food.

Image by Wayne Truong, licensed under Creative Commons.