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Former Utne Reader senior editor Keith Goetzman on environmental issues from climate change to composting.

The Candle Doesn’t Own the Cake and Other Green Wisdom

 by Keith Goetzman

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The View From Lazy PointCarl Safina’s new book The View From Lazy Point is a font of environmental wisdom on the natural world and all that affects it, including human behavior, economics, religion, and science. An ecologist who wrote the sea conservation classic Song for the Blue Ocean, Safina in his new book chronicles a year spent near and on the water, interspersing lyrical nature writing with forthright, eminently sensible commentaries on all the forces that threaten the blue ocean—and the blue planet as well.

Here is Safina on the “property rights” movement:

On the immorality of dirty energy:

And on resisting consumerism:

Look for an excerpt from The View From Lazy Point in the May-June issue of Utne Reader.

Source: The View From Lazy Point 

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