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The Low-Flow Showerhead Backlash

 by Keith Goetzman

Tags: water, water conservation, water effiency, low-flow showerheads, nanny state, American Heritage Institute, environment, Keith Goetzman,

Shower head

Antigovernment conservatives love to complain about the nanny state, and some of them are aiming their ire at a new target: low-flow showerheads.

Over at The Foundry, the blog of the conservative think tank the American Heritage Institute, a freedom-loving correspondent named Kelsey Huber puts her finger on the pernicious nature of these water-efficiency devices:

You’ll have to forgive me for failing to realize that our very rights are at stake here. Even though I already had a low-flow showerhead, I recently was offered a free one with even lower flow through a state- and city-supported energy efficiency program. Foolishly, I took the bait, and though I still can’t tell the difference in the shower, apparently I’ve started down the slippery slope toward complete state control of my life.

I supposed I should have followed the lead of one of Huber’s readers, “Jay,” who decided not to stand for this dictatorial state of bathroom affairs and took matters into his own hands.

“It takes about five seconds to make your shower head a full-flow head,” he wrote in a response comment. “I did it to mine and whenever I have purchased a new one I fix it as well. My water bill is MY business.”

Want to really make a statement, Jay? Equip your luxury shower with eight full-flow heads and take a half-hour shower every day. While you’re at it, turn your hose on full blast and let it run down the gutter. Leave your car idling while you sleep. And finally, make sure to pour your old motor oil into a hole in your backyard. Take that, nanny.

Source: The Foundry

Image by stevendepolo, licensed under Creative Commons.