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The Wide World of Maple Syrup Flavors

 by Keith Goetzman

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Maple syrup tasting

It’s maple syruping time, and the sap is running. Would you like your syrup with hints of vanilla and some subtle floral notes, or perhaps a heartier “put-hair-on-your-chest” maple flavor? Either way, be sure to avoid any syrups that call to mind “soiled mop” or “plastic wrapping.”

These are some of the terms being thrown around by maple syrup makers who are beginning to identify and market the subtle flavor differences in their products, reports Vermont’s Local Banquet:

One Vermont producer gets a reddish, vanilla-laced syrup from a particular stand of trees and sells it as a premium product. Another “imagines how the Vermont Maple Open House Weekend can become like the tours of Scotch distilleries in Scotland, during which visitors learn the distinctions between each brand.”

Sounds wonderful. Just don’t expect Aunt Jemima to attend.

Source: Vermont’s Local Banquet 

Image by Edsel L, licensed under Creative Commons.