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The Art of the Instruction Manual

 by Bennett Gordon

Tags: Media, Science and Technology, computers, manual, technical writing, Ironic Sans, Bennett Gordon,

Franklin ComputerInstead of filling their instruction manuals with incomprehensible computer-speak, the makers of the Franklin Ace 100 and Ace 1000 decided to have fun. The computers—released in the early 1980s—were knockoffs of the Apple II. The manuals, on the other hand, were completely original and now represent fascinating cultural documents. Two of the manuals that were unearthed on the blog Ironic Sans are filled with pop culture references to Hill Street Blues, The Dukes of Hazzard, and former Good Morning America host David Hartman, who is described as “nothing but reconfigured electronic signals [you watch] over coffee in the morning.” The manual also has this prescient and funny paragraph designed to warn its patrons:

Source: Ironic Sans

Image by Marcin Wichary, licensed under Creative Commons.