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Shelf Life: The Nuclear West, Headcheese, and Humanity

Utne Reader librarian Danielle Maestretti shares the highlights (and occasional lowlights) of what's landing in our library each week.

Utne's library is abuzz with a steady flow of 1,300 magazines, journals,weeklies, zines, and other dispatches from the cultural front that are rarely found in big-box bookstores or newsstands. 

Featured in this week’s episode: 

- High Country News on remembering the nuclear west

- The state of American charcuterie, from The Art of Eating (not available online)

Nigerian author Chris Abani on humanity and writing, in a special issue of Witness on “Dismissing Africa” (PDF)

- Advice for activists on running productive meetings, from Red Pepper (not available online)

Sources: High Country News, The Art of Eating, Witness, Red Pepper