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Morning Twitter Finds

by David Doody

Tags: Twitter finds, Twitter, referendum votes, GOP, Tomorrow We Disappear, Steve, Case, sharing economy, Noah Scalin, Kickstarter, Talking Points Memo, The Atlantic, Etsy, David Doody,


Some of the best stuff from the Twitter feeds we follow... 

Talking Points Memo (@TPM): Kyle Leighton weighs in on the rejection of far-right Republican ideas shown in last night’s referendum votes around the country:

Kickstarter’s (@kickstarter) Project of the Day:

The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic): Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, on how Steve Case and his firm, Revolution, are driving the sharing economy: 

Etsy’s (@Etsy) Online Lab: Get Unstuck with Noah Scalin:

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Image from the documentary "Tomorrow We Disappear"