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A Cohousing Community Grows in Brooklyn

 by Julie Hanus

Tags: community building, human ecology, cohousing, cooperative living, decision making, Next American City, Brooklyn Cohousing, Julie Hanus,

brooklyn brownstoneCohousing communities have been around for decades, but until recently not in New York City, reports Next American City. Brooklyn Cohousing intends to change that: Founded in 2007, the now 20-household group is in the thick of developing cooperative apartment living in the NYC borough—and providing a cool opportunity to observe the nuts and bolts of a contemporary cohousing start-up.

Take decision making, for example. As Anna Wiener writes in Next American City:

Read more about Brooklyn Cohousing’s vision and ambitions on the organization’s website, including the challenges of financing cohousing in this economy.

Source: Next American City (excerpt only)

Image by 561design, licensed under Creative Commons.