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The Benefits of Social Media-Induced Narcissism

by Utne Reader staff

Tags: Social Media, Millennials, Narcissism,

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Millennials may benefit from life under the social media microscope.

Conventional wisdom says that because of social media, millennials are more narcissistic than those from preceding generations. And while there are statistics that seem to support that notion, an informative new video from the folks at BrainCraft suggests it may not be a bad thing that a whole generation is growing up under the social media microscope:

While this new research accentuates the positive, it also acknowledges the slippery slope that exists due to social media’s increasing integration into the every day lives of our youngest generations. If it’s true that increased exposure to social media makes it easier to entertain narcissistic tendencies, then it only seems logical to expect an increase in social media-induced Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well. So, considering this new research, what do you think: Do the benefits of social media for millennials outweigh the potentially damaging effects?