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The Sweet Pursuit

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Gardens that Delight All of Your Senses

 by Julie Hanus

Tags: gardening, sensory gardens, Spirituality and Health, disabilities, senses,

SG-South Seattle

South Seattle Community College sensory garden. Image by La.Catholique.

In our July-August issue, we reprinted a great story about sensory gardens from Spirituality & Health (which, it just so happens, was our 2010 Independent Press Award winner for health/wellness coverage). Sensory gardens, if you’re not familiar with the term, are gardens designed to take full advantage of our senses, inviting touch and playing with sounds and smells in ways that regular gardens often do not. In many cases existing within larger botanical gardens, they’re also often designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind.


Above: Vivid purple blooms at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Image by quinn.anya.

SG-San Antonio

Above: Signage at the San Antonio Garden for the Blind. Image by Amy the Nurse.


Above: "Panda" plant at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Image by quinn.anya.


Above: The butterfly garden at Botanica in Wichita, Kansas. Image by timpeartrice.

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