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The Most Humble of Spiritual Teachers

 by Julie Hanus

Tags: spirituality and faith, virtues, humility, teachers, Amy Cunningham, In Character, Julie Hanus,

Poor Clares AltarFor the humility issue of In Character, writer Amy Cunningham seeks out “the most humble spiritual teachers possible, certainly the most humility-enriched people residing within fifteen miles of the U.S. Capitol”—the Poor Clare sisters of Washington D.C.

These cloistered nuns spend their days in rigorous contemplation and have little contact with the outside world. (The name Oprah, for example, doesn’t mean anything to them.) Yet in Cunningham’s account of this rare conversation, the amiable nuns’ thoughts on humility—its challenges and its rewards—translate well to the often-less-than-humble world beyond the monastery walls.

Source: In Character 

Image by wit, licensed under Creative Commons.