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The Perils of Nude Protesting

by Rachel Levitt

Tags: Politics, U.S., cultural criticism, environment, protest, bikes, oil dependency, nude, World Naked Bike Ride, air pollution, Sustainablog,

World Naked Bike RideProtesting in the nude certainly gets people’s attention, but do the spectators recognize the protestors’ message? And furthermore, do they care? Sustainablog.org writer Adam Williams considers these questions after observing the World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis earlier this summer. The event, which takes place in 20 countries, protests society’s crippling oil dependency and “indecent exposure” to air pollution. The problem is that it might be difficult for conservative legislators and voters to take the message seriously. “If conservatives are unlikely to respect and appreciate the collective perspective of clothes-free cyclists, then is anything gained by protesting oil dependency in the buff?”