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Inside the March-April Issue of Utne Reader,
on newsstands Feb. 23
 Regaining our focus, getting smart on crime and designing stuff that’s built to last    




Fixing a Distracted Nation — Find out what America risks by being so unfocused – and how to start paying better attention. Page 50

Getting Smart on Crime — Innovative new rehabilitation programs in American’s prisons aim to decrease incarceration and recidivism rates … and they’re working. Plus, a special report on prisoners who are publishing. Page 64.

Making Planned Obsolescence Obsolete — Heirloom designers aim to change the world by moving away from planned obsolescence and by making stuff that actually lasts. Page 17

Patients Find Advocacy, Options and Answers at Unique Center — People overwhelmed by illness get help navigating the health care system with an integrated program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Page 71

Spend a Day in the Life of a Texas Border Patrol Sheriff — Sheriff Arvin West shares his thoughts on Congress’ understanding of the border, his personal philosophy on immigration and more. Page 34

How to Watch a Documentary — A producer explains how even films that claim to tell the truth can be prone to manipulation. Page 80

 and much more …

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