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Inside the January/February 2009 Issue of Utne Reader, on Newsstands Dec. 23 

Ways to conquer the culture of fear, fix public education, end genocide and (FINALLY) get some sleep!


Conquering Our Culture of Fear — On the eve of a new presidency, in the midst of two wars and an economic crisis, we need to challenge the culture of fear that has come to dominate and define American life. Page 36

Putting the Public Back in Public Education — What it will take to make sure nobody’s left behind, a profile of “The People’s Professor” and a call for better Civic Education. Page 44

Get Some Rest — It’s time for Americans to ditch their hyperproductive lifestyles, lobby for more vacation time and get a good night’s sleep. Page 62

Ending Genocide — The world is inundated with stories about the genocide in Darfur. So why haven’t we stopped it? Page 13 

Sexing Up the Religious Right  Conservatives get down and dirty to spread their social agenda. Page 8

Not So Pretty in Pink — Companies are marketing makeup to girls as young as 3, exposing them to toxic chemicals and early puberty. Page 70

Sacred Rights — A first-hand look at the 20th annual International Two Spirit Gathering, where gay and transgender Native Americans find acceptance in tradition. Page 56

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