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DNC: The Twitter National Convention

 by Bennett Gordon

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DNC CrowdThe Democratic National Convention holds the honor of being the first presidential convention featuring  Twitter, the microblogging site launched in 2006. Many prominent journalists, bloggers, and tech-savvy people are using Twitter to share their thoughts in fewer than 141 characters. Here are some of the more interesting observations, or “tweets,” on the Democratic National Convention that have been published so far. If you see any others, be sure to share them in the comments.

Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
“Riot police everywhere. My first perk: a smoothie from Google.”

Jay RosenPressThink, journalism professor at NYU
“Do family melodrama better than the networks do family melodrama and you can defuse the pundit's impulse to disrupt party messaging.”

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist
“I need to spend more time re why this time and convention is so important”

Ana Marie Cox, Time
“Landed. Apparently bunking with Obama Girl. Probably the closest I'll get to the Obama entourage all week. But the view will be good.”

“Delegates dancing—catastrophic”

Mark Ambinder, the Atlantic
“Trojan, the condom manufacturer, has set up shop near the press mags. They're handing out condoms”

Micah Sifry, the Personal Democracy Forum
“Romney v Biden debate would pit great hair against great hair plugs.”

Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign manager
“Roaming convention floor looking for a story - not sure there are any. Obama delegate trackers have gotten a lot of HRC Delegates to switch”

The American Prospect
“teddy sounds good! also, he pledges to live at least till january, and we at tap mean to hold his feet to the fire on that.”

Jane Hamshire, Firedoglake
"McCain may name VP on Thu. My early call that he'll steal Dem convention bounce by naming Lieberman on track"

Spencer Ackerman, Firedoglake
“word from inside the pepsi center press room: NO ALCOHOL! Coverage sure to be negative”

Lindsay Beyerstein, Freelance investigative reporter
“I just got back from the 'free speech zone' at 7th and Auraria. How depressing.”

Matt Cooper, Portfolio magazine
“At the benediction, the minister is praying for teacher pay hikes! That's a father who knows his congregation.”

Ben Smith, the Politico
“949 Frontier to Denver: so far, many tattoos, no political types”

The Uptake
Quotes ollypriesmeyer, "Have you ever been arrested at one of these things? Trust me not as exciting as one might think once they load you up."

Rachel Sklar, the Huffington Post
Leslie Sanchez says Republicans don't tweet. Hmmm.

Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine
“I am sad to see bloggers coopted into giving these political publicity fests. Why join the mob? It's already too big.”

Image by Steve Bott, licensed under Creative Commons.

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