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Healthy Hair of the Dog

by Will Wlizlo

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hangoverWhenever I’m trying to recover from a raging party or a six-pack of gin and tonics, my body craves Taco Bell. Burritos, quesadillas, refritos—it hardly matters as long as the beef is mostly made of soy byproducts and warmer than goulash. Despite the instant-gratification-endorphin-rush of fast food, by mid-chalupa I typically recognize that I’m really just compounding poor dietary choices instead of effectively curing my hangover. Alexandra Spunt, writing at Good’s excellent wellness blog No More Dirty Looks, compiled a list of 10 ways to bounce back from a bender that are actually healthy. Obviously Taco Bell isn’t on Spunt’s list, but drinking kombucha tea, lying down for a massage, and popping some omega-3 vitamins certainly are. Here a few of her other pointers: 

Maybe after you’re composed again—no longer nauseous, no longer headachey, no longer ashamed—you might even consider shooting for another hangover. “There are some great reasons to have a hangover,” Spunt argues:

Source: Good 

Image by andronicusmax, licensed under Creative Commons.