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Jewelry That Gets Its Geek On—Beautifully

 by Julie Hanus

Tags: Science and Technology, design, jewelry, open source, affordability, science, biology, Nervous System, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Jessica Rosenkrantz, Chronogram,

Dendrite Earings by Nervous SystemMost jewelry designers create pieces intended for mass production, Chronogram observes. Not so with Nervous System. Cofounders Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz built their company around open-source software that lets people design one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces based on gorgeous, biological patterns.

Louis-Rosenberg and Rosenkrantz, who come from science and architecture backgrounds, also have pre-designed pieces available: their delicate dendrite earrings were inspired by the aggregate growth of coral; their cut-felt radial necklace (part of the radiolaria series) nods to the bubbly repetition of plant cells and honeycomb.

But perhaps best of all? Most people can afford to engage with Nervous System’s art. “Our work is just as beautiful in stainless steel as it would be in silver, so why should we exclude a large segment of the population just to make a little more money?” the duo told Chronogram. “Besides, it is difficult to blur the line between consumer and producer when most consumers cannot afford the pieces.”

Source: Chronogram 

Image from Nervous System, licensed under Creative Commons.