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Hear the Music From Your Brain

 by Bennett Gordon

Tags: Science and Technology, Arts, brainwaves, EEGs, music, Neruotopia 2.0,

EEG Brain ScanUsing people’s brain waves as the notes, scientists have created music. The researchers from China took brain wave readings from EEGs as the original source and used complex math to create pitch and rhythm for the waves. If their methods were improved, according to the Neruotopia 2.0 blog, the music could be used to detect Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, or other irregularities in the brain. 


Here are a few of the tracks that the researchers have created so far:

Brain with eyes open 

Brain in REM sleep 

Brain in slow-wave sleep 

Right now, Neruotopia 2.0 points out, the notes sound more like a cat on a keyboard than real music:

Source: PLOS One, Neruotopia 2.0 

Image by Csaba Segesvári, licensed under Creative Commons.

Music by Dan Wu, Chao-Yi Li, De-Zhong Yao, licensed under Creative Commons.