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U.S. Military's Flood Relief Efforts Are Still Tech-Lite

by David Doody

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Sohaib Khan Floodmaps

Though the U.S. military has helped immensely in the recovery efforts in Pakistan, with food delivery and rescue services, during the flooding in that country, Wired reports they are a bit behind in their use of tech tools used for disaster relief and aid missions:

These civilian aid workers include a scientist who has created a widget using Google Earth and Google Maps that monitors flooding and the destruction it causes, and a group of Pakistani technologists and American academics who started an SMS system where people can send messages about what they need and where they are.  While these “home-brewed” efforts seem to be gaining a community of users, the U.S. military’s own online effort, HARMOINEweb, does not.

Source: Wired

Image from Sohaib Khan’s Floodmaps.