Each quarter, Utne Reader presents music gleaned from current and upcoming releases on independent music labels.

Fall 2017


Artist: Tough Age
Record label: Mint Records
Latest album: Shame
Featured song: “Me In Glue”

Artist: Anna Tivel
Record label: Fluff and Gravy Records
Latest album: Small Believer
Featured song: “Illinois”

Artist: Faith Healer
Record label: Mint Records
Latest album: Try ; - )
Featured song: “Try ; - )”

Artist: Charlie Parr
Record label: Red House Records
Latest album: Dog
Featured song: “I Ain’t Dead Yet”

Artist: Prom Queen
Record label: Self-Released
Latest album: Doom Wop
Featured song: “End of the World”

Artist: Turnover
Record label: Run For Cover Records
Latest album: Good Nature
Featured song: “Super Natural”

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