July-August 2011


Pledging Allegiance to Peace
A Quaker argues that patriotism is deadly, no matter where or why it is practiced 
by Tony White, from Friends Journal 

Patriotism Uncorked 
The case for joy upon the death of bin Laden 
by Leon Wieseltier, from The New Republic  

Balls and Stripes 
The late Pat Tillman, patriotism, and the militarization of American sports 
by Dave Zirin


Who Is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming?
The inside story of a shy photographer who no longer owns his own face  
by Rachel Kadish, from The Good Men Project Magazine 



Animals Like Us 
Our wacky, complicated relationships with creatures great and small 
by Hal Herzog, from Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat 

Beastly No More 
Concern for animals is rooted in our history, and in our nature 
by Wayne Pacelle, from The Bond 

Go Vegan or Go Home 
Where others see gray, animal advocate Gary Francione sees black and white 
interview by Deb Olin Unferth, from The Believer 

Something Close to Family 
On a small farm, animals are a link in the chain of life 
by Bryan Welch, from Beautiful and Abundant 


The Fixer 
A streetwise sociologist guides reporters through the drug underworld  
by Don Terry, from Columbia Journalism Review 


Utne Independent Press Awards 
The nine winners for 2011 


What’s Eating You?
The recent uproar over bedbugs barely scratches the surface 
by Brendan Buhler, from California 



Children of War 
How we poisoned a generation by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, from The American Conservative 

Mind Your Own Browser 
Averting the eyes of online advertisers by Simson L. Garfinkel, from Technology Review 

The Patron Saints of Green Living 
Benedictine sisters employ sustainability practices by Betsy Shirley, from Sojourners 



The Vanishing 
A wunderkind was abandoned, then disappeared by Paul Collins, from Lapham’s Quarterly 

The Punk Dad Manifesto 
A parent’s struggle against cul-de-sac fascism by Thomas Pluck, from The Morning News 

Burning the Shelter  
A simple fire reveals the beginnings of our environmental crisis by Louis Owens, from Colors of Nature 



You’re Grounded 
Connecting with the earth to cure pain by Matt Sutherland, from Spirituality & Health 

The Self-Help Stigma 
Why you shouldn’t dismiss all popular psychology by Oliver Burkeman, from Prospect 

Palms Up 
Hand positions can affect our state of mind by Erin Phillips, from Radish 

Future Farmers 
Preparing the land for a post–peak oil society by Adam Regn Arvidson, from Landscape Architecture Magazine  



Finger-Lickin’ Rap  
A viral sensation and Southern hip-hop by Ben Westhoff, from The Oxford American 

The Lost Art of Dictation 
Before voice recognition software, there were women by Amy Rowland, from The Smart Set 


World of Song: A review of Afrodiaspora by Susana Baca
The End of the Tunnel: A review of The Miners' Hymns by Jóhann Jóhannsson
Our Kind of Freak: A review of Freak Flag by Greg Brown

Recovering from the Man
: A review of Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation by Walter Mosley
Bird is the Word: A review of The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker
People of the Rook: A review of Counterplay: An Anthropologist at the Chessboard by Robert Desjarlais

Forest Freedom Fighter
: A review of If a Tree Falls
Tarnished Tiara: A review of Tabloid
Does the Moon Speak to You?: A review of The Future 

Editor’s Note 
by David Schimke 

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from: 
Herizons (Afghan Women Take to the Page)
Urbanite (The March of the Addict)
Dollars & Sense (Taxing Tax Reform)
Governing, Sustainable Industries (An A for Environmental Effort)
Earth Island Journal (Chinas Yellowstone)
Mental Floss (The Healing Power of Cockroaches)
The Chronicle of Higher Education (In a Tizzy About Tithing)
Landscape Architecture Magazine (A Better Way to Cross the Road)
The Nation (Stamping Out Obesity)
Neighborhood Notes (A Pint for Their Troubles)
OnEarth (Climate, Through the Looking Glass)
The Atlantic (It's Not Easy Being Filthy Rich)
Thick Culture (Signs Out of Time)
Miller-McCune (Save the Arts Omnivore!)
Musicworks (The Drumming of the Moths

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