September-October 2011



21st Century Sex
Forget the Kinsey Report. A new study exposes the true nature of human desire.
by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, from A Billion Wicked Thoughts 

X-Rated Ethics 
Socially sustainable sex could save the economy, the environment, and our society 
by Anna Simpson, from Green Futures 

Look God, No Hands 
Dirty Girls Ministries is on a crusade against the evils of female masturbation 
by Blaire Briody, from Bust 

Ask Anything, Tell All 
Is sex columnist Dan Savage a shock jock, a sagacious ethicist, or both?  
by Benjamin J. Dueholm, from Washington Monthly 


Dispatches from the Apocalypse 
What natural disasters reveal about our planet and its destiny  
by Junot Díaz, from Boston Review 

Higher Education 


Degrees of Debt 
College kids are borrowing at record levels, often for a second-rate education. And the bubble is about to burst. 
by Malcolm Harris, from n+1 

The Learning Class 
The coming transformation in higher education 
by Anya Kamenetz, from DIY U 


Demon Days 
Exorcism is experiencing a renaissance in American Catholicism. The devil is in the details.  
by Daniel Burke, from U.S. Catholic 



Not So Far Out 
Reopening minds to the potential of psychedelic drugs by Sam Kornell, from Miller-McCune 

Can You See Me Now? 
Deaf America—a culture and a choice by Stefany Anne Golberg, from The Smart Set 

The High Price of Hunger 
Farmers need to make more money to feed the world by Julian Cribb, from The Futurist 



It’s a Mad, Mad Marathon 
An extreme race tests the limits of self-sufficiency by Leslie Jamison, from The Believer 

Pass the Populism 
A potluck dinner at the edge of the civilized world by Ana Maria Spagna, from Potluck 

My Green Manifesto 
An environmentalist begs for a sense of humor by David Gessner, from My Green Manifesto 



The Gospel According to . . .  
A secular bible provides a spiritual alternative by Matthew Adams, from New Humanist 

Toxic Youth 
Everyday chemicals poison our children’s minds by Sandra Steingraber, from Raising Elijah 

Life at the Buzzer 
Few forums showcase age more brutally than sport by Pasha Malla, from Maisonneuve 

Trappist Caskets 
Monks sustain a forest and forge inner peace by Sarah J. Gardner, from Radish 



All the PR That’s Fit to Print 
If you thought you were getting your news from a journalist, think again by John Sullivan, from Columbia Journalism Review 

The Elements of Press Release Style 
A guide to concise obfuscation by Gary Klien, from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency 

Peace, Justice, and 9/11: A review of Transforming Terror edited by Karin Lofthus Carrington and Susan Griffin
Bottling Magic: A review of Voodoo Vinters by Katherine Cole
The Ecoterrorist Next Door: A review of Green Is the New Red by Will Porter

From the Garage to the Moon: A review of Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil by Garage a Trois
Winter Ghosts: A review of La Lechuza by Esmerine
Sublime Serenade: A review of Roses At the End of Time by Eliza Gilkyson

Scenes from a Movement: A review of The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
The Making of an Artist: A review of Make
Life in a Northern Town: A review of The Arbor  

Editor’s Note  
by David Schimke

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from:
Bear Deluxe Magazine (The Green Police)
Urbanite (There's an App Contest for That)
Miller-McCune (Selling Altruism)
Science News (Pain for Gain)
The Walrus (Safety in Immigrants)
The Futurist (Moon Units)
New Internationalist (The Voices of a Movement)
Scientific American Mind (Skype for the Psyche)
Organic Gardening, American Libraries (Growing Libraries)
The Journal Gazette (Don't Toss That Stapler) (Look at My Echo)
Governing, Colorado Springs Independent (No Bail)
Herizons (Brothels with Benefits) (Friend Me, Undress Me)
Colossal (A Roll of the Dice)
British Rubbish (Detritus That Delights Us)
Momentum (Naturally Musical)

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