The tracks for the July 2010 sampler are no longer available. Please visit the latest sampler for more tracks!

Every month, Utne Reader presents free, downloadable music gleaned from current and upcoming releases on independent labels, curated by senior editor Keith Goetzman.

Blitzen100Blitzen Trapper
Folk, pop, rock, prog, and who knows what else collide in the unlikely but very likable music of Portland’s Blitzen Trapper on Destroyer of the Void, coming July 8 from Sub Pop.
Track: “Dragon’s Song” by Blitzen Trapper 


Haggards100Bryan and the Haggards
Country music transformed into jazz? It worked for Sonny Rollins with “I’m an Old Cowhand,” and it works for Bryan Murray and his New York crew as they take Merle Haggard’s music downtown for some fun on Pretend It’s the End of the World (Hot Cup).
Track: “Silver Wings” by Bryan and the Haggards 

Cumbia100Los Destellos
Peru in the 1960s was captivated by the pop-folk music called cumbia, and the two-disc set Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 (Vampisoul) traces the genre’s bright arc, including its transformation in 1968 by “the electric shock of rock guitars.” Los Destellos was among the bands that expanded their sonic palette in this creative eruption.
Track: “Guajira Sicodelica” by Los Destellos