67-Year-Old DJ Derek Does Not Smoke Weed

| 6/9/2009 12:33:59 PM

DJ Derek

DJ Derek doesn't smoke weed. "I tried it," he says, "but it didn't do anything for me." With that out of the way, let us get on with the story of this 67-year-old English DJ and reggae lover. Jamie Foord & Russell Smith have produced a delightful documentary short consisting mostly of DJ Derek telling the story of his life whilst gripping a pint. It's a hell of a story. Of his work, which consumes two to three nights a week on average, he has little to say: "I’m listening to music I like, generally among people I like, I can drink, and at the moment I can still smoke while I’m doing it. I can’t see how anybody wouldn’t be happy being able to live like that."

Here's the film:

(Thanks, Creative Review.)

6/10/2009 3:30:49 AM

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