A Literary Mashup: Oregon Trail Meets Horatio Alger

| 6/3/2010 2:35:51 PM


On May 3rd, the book blog GalleyCat announced its “World’s Longest Literary Remix” contest. As Jason Boog explained at the time:

We are proud to launch the World's Longest Literary Remix contest today, as nearly 150 pre-registered GalleyCat readers will rewrite a Horatio Alger novel for fun and prizes. The contest concludes on Monday, June 7th.

These GalleyCat readers signed up to rewrite one page of Joe's Luck: Always Wide Awake. When the contest concludes, we will publish the remixed text as a free digital book--complete with illustrations.

But check this out: one contributor—a freelance game designer going by the handle Sparky—has submitted her entry as a mashup of the old Apple II game, Oregon Trail, and her one page from Alger’s novel. If I could be more delighted by this, I would ford the rapids in a tiny wagon with my over-large family and then contract typhoid fever. But I can't, because this is awesome.

Source: GalleyCat

Image by eyllom, licensed under Creative Commons.

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